The beauty is in team work

Alone, we can achieve little but together we achieve more in a beautiful and glamorous way. We share our values and culture with you.

Tag along and let make it awesome

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We are women on a mission to...

Create and maintain an environment where women can exerce and be successful in their field of study while perserving their feminity

Encourage and help women especially and the population in general to handle and use IT tools in their day to day routing

Change the way people see and perceive Informatics

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Our Activities

G&T Mentoring

A 3 months per year program where we help and accompagny young girls to develop technical skill and gain self-estem

G&T training

Once in a month, we organize training to pass on skill to volunteer wishing to discover new concepts

G&T Talk

A live debate of 1h:30m is orgainized each last friday of the month on instagram in order to interact with our community

G&T Image coaching

When requested, we offer our experience in image consulting especially in clothing to help our clients

G&T Blogging

We use our platform to provide informational or educational content regarding ITs, fashion,beauty and lifestyle in general

Upcoming Event

G&T Talk: Which clothes should you wear ?

Live on Instagram

From 7pm to 8:30pm

Friday, 30th Oct 2020

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