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Hi guys ! Today I will be talking about dogs. Yeah !!! dogs. Have you ever thought of making your dog happy ? I mean you as a dog owner will you not be happy to see your dog happy ? Yeah most human being like to feel good and happy. Didn’t you now that dog feels the same way ? Let me help you today with 10 little things that will make your dog happy.

1. Play with your Dog

They really love playing. Especially seek and find. Have your dog play the seek and you go hide in some spot and then you called your dog the name of your dog in soft way. The hide and seek game can really help you in real life. Let take for example if you blocked by some stuff somewhere in your kitchen and you have only your dog, either your dog will be able to find you and help your or call for help.

2. Take your Dog for a walk

Do you want your dog to relax ? Take him somewhere or to a nearby park where he can take in some fresh air. While going out take along some drinking water for your dog. But if your dog have some physical disability, start with small distance but make sure to increase the distance gradually. You may not know but changing environment sometimes help stimulate your dog’s mental and it’s also a good exercise.

3. Play a game of fetch with your dog

It seems boring to us sometimes but a game of fetch seems to really amaze dogs especially when the distance increases act each round. Playing this game also exercises your dog and help increase his endurance.

4. Teach your dog some tricks

Training a dog does not limit to sitting, standing, laying down or detecting intruder. You should also teach him new tricks turning the head, walking in an elegant manner, bowing, cleaning up after eating, crawling, spin and many other wonderful trick you know of. This also keeps your dog entertained.

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5. Make your Dog play with other people or dogs

Do you have someone in your surrounding familiar with your dog ? Or better did your dog got the chance to have some other dogs as friend ? Well if I courage to have some. If your case is different, please book up a day for them to meet and play together, while you take some fresh air with a great cup of tea. If possible try doing it twice each month.

6. Let your dog sniff on walks

Going out with your dog from time to time and walking him around permit him to get acquaintance with his neighborhood. As us Humans, we use or eyes to see, dogs on the other side use their noses. So make sure you stop at certain spot so that your dog can sniff on walks. As i said earlier it helps them feel how the world is. Let them smell of all things around it really contribute to their happiness.

7. Find a good Veterinarian for your Dog

Consult a vet that will make your dog feel comfortable and happy. Many dogs dislike going to the vet because they may feel uncomfortable around the vet and once they are in their presence, the dogs may pickup a fight. Another important factor which may your dog happy is to find some trustful vet who will treat both you and him well.

8. Treat your Dog from time to time

Yes we all have our secret place and menu we enjoy each time and will like to go there from time to time. Equally treating your dog to his favorite place surprisingly makes him happy. Try this tip once a month or more depending on your schedules.

9. Massage your Dog

Humans love massage as it help them relax and evacuate stress so are dogs. This simple tip makes your dog also happy and release some stress. So massage or take your dog for some massage session, it’s good especially for dogs with arthritis. I encourage you to do the massage session yourself cause dogs like when their owners take of them.

10. Give a Job to your Dog

Last but not the least, It’s important to keep your dog mentally stimulated as I said. It’s just like some of us who may feel bored or sad if we don’t have anything to do around. In order to prevent your dog from being in any of these conditions give him a job like spying around, picking the house or car keys each time you are going out briefly making him participate in your home activities.

This is where we will separate for today but I’m glad I was able to share some of my little tips with you and I hope and believe your dog will enjoy himself and relax totally. Stay tuned for another awesome article and don’t forget to give a bath to your pets once at least.

Here are some other bonus tips for making your dog happy:

  • Buy him a toy,
  • Play with a ball or round light object, or
  • Buy him a collar,
  • Pet him


Rosette Njamnou says:

Dogs are so lovely.

Charnelle Makemtia says:

very nice, i like dog

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