How it all started


Glam & Tech also known as G&T is a female community founded by 7 Computer Scientist students from the University of Yaounde.

First of all our love and passion for digital and New technologies led us here  then based on statistics and on our different personal experiences, we observed that:

    1. People tend to think that IT(Information technologies) is a career field judge “masculine”. That is women should not be involved or interested.
    2. At a certain age many females stop their personal and professional development due to many factors(family or social pressure, culture, instability…) to get married or find a job
    3. Young females in the Computer science field have a lot of trouble to stand out due to a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence
    4. According to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) in 2016, more people involved in digital world and New technologies are males as well as in internet penetration rate is higher for males than females.
    5. Women in the science field are known to have a sloppy look and when they are too fashionable, they are labelled “Beautiful but empty vessels”

So we came up with a goal to destroy all these drawbacks regarding women and make them feel elegant, beautiful and intelligent regardless of all negative factors

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