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I recently talked about and in my previous articles and actually I have been getting requests from people asking what WordPress actually is. Today you will finally feel relief cause I will give you a brief introduction to WordPress. So guys sit and get a cup of tea to savor this.

WordPress… just another CMS

WordPress is actually a free and open source Content Management System written in PHP and associated with MySQL or MariaDB databases. Initially it was created as a blog publishing-System. But it has evolved to include different web content types (such as: online stores, membership websites, forums, media galleries…).

CMS… What is it ?

A Content System Management also known as CMS is simply an application that is used to manage web contents. In general it allows a contributor or contributors to create, edit, publish or destroy content(web pages, articles…). A contributor can be any person who has access to a WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is equally one of the most popular content system management used today. It has also been used for other application domains such as pervasive display systems.

The software was released under the GPLv2 license. Founded by an American developer Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little an English developer. WordPress is also called a factory that makes webpages. It comes along with many tools to ease management. Some of these tools include themes and, plugins

Below you will find a screenshot of a section of WordPress Dashboard

wordpress dashboard screenshot

As you can see on the shot above, the WordPress Dashboard has many tools you can use to manage your web content. To have a better experience just install WordPress and take a look around. If you would like to setup WordPress on your own don’t worry here is a tutorial on how to install it locally.

To conclude, WordPress is an application used for building web platforms. Be it a blog, a website, a portfolio, WordPress facilitates and eases your efforts to build such platforms. Last but not the least there exist different versions of WordPress. Some of us have the chance to get WordPress for users (Practically no coding). Then for our developers they have the chance to get beautiful documentation in order to customize and bring in some innovations.

I hope I was able to answer most of your questions guys. Feel free to ask us more questions. We are there to understand and help you.

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