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In a previous articles we learn some notion Search engine optimization which consist of different techniques put together in order to increase the chances a page appears at the top of the SERP. These techniques can be divided into two types: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. In the next section we will define and briefly list some White hat SEO practices. Then finally we will talk about the importance of this practice.

What White Hat SEO ?

Actually White hat SEO is the way an individual will improve his/her website in order to improve his/her ranking in the SERP while following the search engine terms of services. To put it simple a person who optimize his or her web content mainly for human audience without resorting to cheating or any fraudulent way is called a white hat SEO. So in order to do so many factors must be taken into account.

Some White Hat SEO Practices

  • Mobile friendly: When constructing your website make sure to implement responsive design on all your pages as today many people send more 80% of their time on mobile devices. So making your website fluent on mobile devices may increase your rank in the SERP. Equally Companies such as google provides tools to help you measure the degree of mobile friendliness of a web platform.
  • Keywords and Keywords analysis: Choosing a suitable key word is equally one challenge but today things have evolve and many tools such as Google keyword planner, Ahref will help you handle your keywords in an efficient way.
  • Back-linking: A backlink is simply a link from someone website to your website. The more the number of website that link to yours the greater your rank in SERP.
  • Linking Building: In SEO link building is the process of exchanging links with other websites so as to increase your site back-links and quality back-links.
Have you ever heard about White Hat SEO
  • Providing a good content: Well written content will always appear trustworthy to both the human visitors and search engines. So while creating you content take in to account user intent. Don’t worry cause many tools(free or not) exist to help content editor or webmaster manage their website content.
  • Use HTML tags properly
  • Navigation: Navigation is not only important to user but equally to crawlers who index the site. A good practice is to avoid using irrelevant links.
  • Site Performance: The overall performance of your website also plays a role in optimization. Site that load fast and accessible tend to more indexed than those that are slow.

Importance of White Hat SEO

One of the most important factor is that the techniques offers a long-term investment. It may takes some time for a website to get traffic using this technique but it’s one of the most relevant and Search engine friendly way. Compare the Black hat SEO strategies which operate immediate unfortunately it does not last longer.

In order word we encourage you to use White Hat SEO techniques to optimize your website rather the Black Hat SEO techniques. We encourage you to read more about White Hat SEO practices as well as share your experience with us.

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