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In a previous article I showed you how to run a flutter app on physical device and today in some quick steps I will guide you on how to run flutter app on android emulator so please follow up till the very end.

But first of all you need to have

Nice if you are done we can continue from here.

1. Launch android studio, open and existing project or create a new project. If you don’t know how to create a flutter project follow up the guide on how to create a flutter project.

After opening or creating a project look for and click on AVD Manager(It looks like the icon below).

avd manager

2. In the windows that open click on create virtual device .

create your virtual device

Select a hardware device(Here I’m using a phone) then choose a name depending on what you want. In my case I will be using Pixel 4. If you are done choosing your hardware device click on next.

select hardware

3. In the next step you should select a system image but in case you don’t have a system image already you will need to download it. Just click on the download text next to the system image you wish to use.

select system image

4. In the windows that open wait till your download finish and click on finish.

download system image

If you already had a system image installed, you just have to click on next and finally configure you device that is provide a name or change device startup orientation as well as some other stuffs if you like. But here we will just leave the basic setups and click on finish and android will create your device in least than a minute.

avd pixel 4

Running flutter app on android emulator

5. All you need to do now is select your device and click on launch button. Wait till emulator load and click on the run button in android studio or type

select device
android emulator
flutter run 

in the android terminal and wait till your project build up. At the end you should have something similar to mine as below if you just create an empty project or something different from mine if you have edited your project in some ways.

How to run flutter app on android emulator

I hope this article on How to run flutter app on android emulator was fruitful see you next time for another guide.How to run flutter app on android emulator

Wish to to use another way ? See how you can run your flutter app on an physical device

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