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This article will guide you on to setup flutter in Android studio and create your first application


Make sure you have flutter install in your development environment.

Operating Systems: Linux (64-bit)

Disk Space: 600 MB (Except disk space of IDE/tools).

Tools: Flutter also depends on some of these command-line tools being available in your environment.

  • bash
  • curl
  • file
  • git 2.x
  • rm
  • unzip
  • which
  • zip

In order to get started you should have the above requirement ready and your flutter path setup in case you install flutter manually.

Android set up

1) Download and install android studio. Go through the Android Studio Setup Wizard. It installs the latest Android SDK, Android SDK Command-line Tools, and Android SDK Build-Tools, which are required by Flutter when using android for development.

2) Install the flutter and dart plugin. After installing open android studio go to File->Settings->Plugins look for and install or update the flutter and dart plugin. (You may be prompted to install the dart plugin if it’s the case just click yes).

flutter and dart plugin

3) Restart android studio then select create a new flutter project

create a new flutter project

4) Choose a project type. If your project is for an end user select the application form. If your building an API choose the plugin. Or if your product is a dart or flutter component then choose the package or module respectively.

new flutter project

Since this article is just for demonstration, we will choose a flutter application.

5) Next, fill some information about your project and click next. Don’t forget to provide the path to your sdk(Where flutter was install in your computer or where your placed the download sdk. However if flutter is not installed click on install sdk)

6) Finally in the next window you should enter your package name(Usually it’s in the format com.example.helloworld). Click finish then wait until the project setup completely. You should get a window as shown below

Set up your emulator or phone and finally press on run button to launch your application(the green pause icon)

Successfully your app should look like this:

flutter starter app

Hope you were able to go through the steps on How to setup flutter in Android studio and create your first application. If you have any troubles feel free express yourself.

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