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Hello everyone, hope you enjoy my last article about the most solicit jobs in computer science field.  This is a new article about what are the best programing languages for each field? So, let us stay focus and I can assure you a great satisfaction at the end this article.

Concerning the Python language, Gabriele Tomassetti in his book of The Software development said: “It is not the only language that is widely used, but it is the only language that is used in many different fields. It has some important technical features, such as the fact that is easy to extend and embed”. Does that mean that python should be used to develop any project? Continue reading to get your answer.

Some criteria to take into account while choosing your language

It is good to know that there is not a perfect language.  So, we preferred a programming language just to do a specific task. And this is because it respects some given criteria. Below are some criterias that can lead us to choose a programming language among all:

  • The field in which your project falls
  • Popularity
  • Transparences
  • Technical qualities
  • Community fit

The top programing languages in the corresponding field

We have previously seeing that one of the criteria used to choose a programming language was the field in which your project falls. Note that this is very important because every field has his best languages. Below are some fields with their top programming languages:

  • Cyber security
  • Data science  
  •  Game development 
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web Development
  • Mobile APP development
  • A I                  

To know more about some of that field, visit fields and acquired all the knowledge you desired.


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