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We live in an environment where we are seeing exponential growth in the number of smartphones worldwide over the years; according to the report published in 2018 by GSMA Intelligence, more than 5 billion people owned a phone in 2017, including 3.3 billion smartphones. These figures will explode by the year 2025, when 5.9 billion people will have one, including 5 billion smartphones; which need mobile applications to offer services not offered by traditional phones. This significant presence of smartphones will immediately encourage the development of mobile applications, for a better exploitation of the latter in order to allow users to take full advantage of them. Let’s see together what a mobile application is and how this field has found a place in our society.

What is a mobile application ??

why mobile application development

Commonly referred to as an “app”, a mobile application is simply a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer; it provides users with services similar to those accessible on a computer via web and desktop applications. Depending on their operating environment, we distinguish :

  1. Native mobile applications which are those running on only one type of operating system ; either Android or iOS, but not both.
  2. Cross-platform mobile applications : which are running on several platforms at the same time ; i.e. the same application can run on both iOS and Android.
  3. Hybrid mobile applications : a mix of native and web-based solutions running on mobile devices.

mobile app development, a job opportunity….

But why Mobile Application Development? Encouraged by a daily use of mobile applications, this field is a real job opportunity; because as said above, the growing presence of smartphones and their diversified use according to each user will create a real and continuous need for mobile applications; this will guarantee a growing demand for these applications on the market and therefore a reliable business; Thus developing skills in mobile application development is an asset to gain a job or better to employ oneself ; This by developing one’s own applications to market them to users.

App development, which importance ?

This field has already provided companies with the personalized marketing tools and techniques they needed to compete in the marketplace. In addition to being an opportunity to be seized in order to start entrepreneurship to reduce the unemployment rate, it has enabled the creation of applications offering a better user experience, adapted to each user’s objectives while offering them mobility; this last aspect is the main feature of mobile applications on web/desktop applications. In fact, the development of mobile applications has made it possible for users to create their businesses online and to be able to move with them anywhere, especially since they will be able to access them anywhere and at any time.

We hope this article has been digestible and that you have learned something from it; in the meantime, don’t miss the next articles.

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